Running A BMX Club


To start a BMX club, you will need a team of dedicated individuals with teamwork, determination and a willingness to share in the common goal. Here is a step by step guide to starting a club.



President – The president is the main leader of the club, chairs meetings and has overall responsibility for the organisation’s administration.

Vice President* – Works closely with the President, performing duties such as chairing meetings when the president is unavailable.

Secretary – Responsible for maintaining the club’s records, correspondence and other communications, as well as records and distributes detailed minutes of meetings.

Treasurer – Oversee the club’s accounts and budget (income and expenditure), as well as prepares regular financial statements and reports.

Registrar – Administers both online and manual club membership and event rider registrations.

Canteen Manager – Prepares rosters for canteen operations and organises purchasing of stock.

Social/Race Secretary – Coordinates the calendar for each year including racing, social functions and committee meetings.

Track Director – Maintains a risk management plan and oversees the safety of the track.

First Aid – Someone who is Senior First Aid qualified and oversees on track incidences, while sometimes liaising with Paramedic or Ambulance staff.

Club Coach* – Organises and provides coaching techniques as a group or a one-on-one basis.

Equipment Manager* – Maintains club equipment is in a safe and working order for each event.

Officials Manager *– Prepares rosters for all on track events and maintains records of who is qualified.


*These roles are only if the committee has enough people and are recommended only, not required.


Volunteers contribute a lot of their time, skills and experience for no payment. To find out more on how to recruit and recognising volunteers, please refer to some of the Australian Sports Commissions (ASC) link below.

ASC - Recruiting Volunteers


The Track Guidelines have been developed by BMX Australia and provide guidelines for State Associations and Clubs for the development of new and existing BMX Tracks across the country and are to be used also by State Officiating Directors in the sanctioning of new BMX Tracks.

BMX Australia Track Guidelines


For a more in depth look, the UCI have a great document that is worth a read if you are looking to build or develop a BMX track.

UCI BMX Track Guidelines


BMX Australia does not have a preferred Start Gate, however below are a few brands that are available.

Bensink (Dutch company)

BMXTronic (Australian company)

ProGate (American company)


Office Bearers Form

Mini Wheeler Guidelines and Activity Resource

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