Congratulations on your completion of the BMX Australia Officiating Level 1 accreditation!!

You have passed the BMXA Level 1 Officials quiz and are eligible to become a Level 1 BMXA Official.  

In order for your Level 1 Officials accreditation to be finalized, you must:

1)    Be a member of BMXA either as a Volunteer, Open or Club member.

2)    Have emailed a copy of your Working with Children Check (WWCC) from your state or territory to

If you are in WA and have a child U18 involved in BMX, you are required to sign a Statutory Declaration every 12mths, confirming you have a child involved in BMX. Click here to download the Statutory Declaration form.

We will not process your Level 1 qualification without either of the above. 

You will know when we have processed your accreditation as you will appear on the valid list of Officials on the BMXA website (link below) and receive a new membership card in the mail.

Your Level 1 qualification is valid for four years. At the end of 4years, you will be required to pass the Level 1 Quiz again.

To maintain your Level 1 accreditation during the 4years, you must

  • Maintain current BMX Australia membership
  • Maintain a valid WWCC from your state or territory.


If you have any further questions, please contact us:

BMX Australia 

PO Box 6402, Alexandria, NSW 2015

P: 02 9008 1300



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