The 2018 National Series

In 2018, BMX Australia is proud to present an all new National Series, with riders able to secure their place at all seven rounds. Nominations have now launnched and entries will close two weeks prior to event day for each round.

From next year the National Series takes on a new look, with BMX Australia providing an avenue for more riders from around the country to have access to top tier competition. Significantly the series will visit all states and territories, except for Western Australia - who will host the jewel in the crown, the 2018 BMX Australia National Championships at the Bunbury BMX Club.

In conjunction with the opening of entries, the technical guide for the 2018 National Series has also been made available. The document specifies event dates, entry fees, series points structure, classes offered, prize money, series awards as well as specific information regarding UCI sanctioned events. 

You can download the TECHNICAL GUIDE HERE.

Importantly the technical regulations deliver on the promise from BMXA President Neil Cameron that the series would be ‘racing for racing’s sake’, and that racing will be accessible for riders of all ages and abilities.

In accordance with this, there will be 32 classes of racing offered throughout the national series for both male and female athletes, with that number growing to 33 classes for UCI sanctioned events. 

In addition to the high number of classes on offer, riders who wish to race in more than one category on a national series weekend will be able to. With cruiser class racing now included on the schedule, a rider has the opportunity to race both their 20-inch age class, as well as their corresponding cruiser class.

At events where Superclass is offered, eligible riders could potentially race in three events –their age group race in 20-inch and Cruiser Class, as well as Superclass.

Super keen riders get excited, this series has been built for you.

At UCI sanctioned events, where Superclass will be replaced with elite and junior elite classes, it is important to note that riders who enter these classes must also race them at the 2018 national titles and at the UCI World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan.

A rider cannot enter a UCI elite class in the national series and then race age class at nationals/worlds and vice versa. Nevertheless, a rider can race their age class at UCI sanctioned events as well as Superclass at non-UCI national series events. 

We look forward to seeing you in 2018. 

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