Probikx, Champbikx (UCI Rounds)

The 2017 BMX National Series will include four UCI rounds taking place the same weekend as The Grands National. 

2017 Technical Guide.

Final 2017 BMX Probikx Champbikx Technical Guide.pdf

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Round 1 Nerang, QLD

Friday 6 January 2017 - Probikx/Champbikx (UCI)

One again, Nerang BMX Club, QLD, will host the series opener taking place in January. The Nerang round has become an international hallmark event which will see a multitude of international riders travel down under to race against Australia's best and take advantage of the glorious summer weather. 

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Round 2 Shepparton, VIC

Saturday 4 February 2017 - Probikx/Champbikx  (UC)

Our second round will take place at the Shepparton BMX Club, VIC. This track is a favourite and riders have had plenty of experience as Shepparton has hosted rounds at the last two National Series, Shepparton has become a cornerstone for the development of BMX in Victoria and will be on a high after hosting the 2015 Victorian State Titles.


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Round 3 Bathurst, NSW

Details and Nominations released in January 2017

Round 4 Cairns, QLD

Details and Nominations released in January 2017


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