High Performance Program


The BMX Australia High Performance Unit (HPU) is an Australian Sports Commission funded International Podium Program designed to work with senior Elite male and female Australian athletes identified as being podium or podium potential athletes to prepare them for national representation and continued podium success at international events.

The main aim of the program is to provide the best possible training environment, support services and competition opportunities to ensure that maximum participation spots are secured for the nation when qualifying for the Olympic Games and UCI BMX World Championships. Ultimately the number of spots is dependent on a nations ranking during the respective qualification periods,with points accumulated during events influencing this ranking.   

Ideally, the BMX HPP will include and develop the talent from which to draw all future National BMX Team members for World Championships in the 20" class.

For HPP squad selection, the National BMX Selection Committee (BMXA) will make all selection recommendations to the HPMC for the BMX athletes to participate in the BMX HPP. This selection process will be based on the BMX HPP selection criteria. Additionally, a selection document for the National BMX Team will be made available to athletes at least 8 months in advance of the World BMX Championships each year.
Where possible, the State Institute of Sport/ Academy (NTC) in each state will liaise with the Head Coach of the BMX HPP and to establish extent of services and support offered to BMX elite athletes at the NTC level. Joint agreements are being initiated with each NTC on a state by state basis.
Note: The National BMX Selection Committee contains the National BMX Coach, the High Performance Management Committee BMXA representative and one other nominated BMXA endorsed member.
Measuring Success of the BMX HPP
The key performance indicators from which the success of the BMX HPP will be measured will be the results and performances achieved by athletes at identified international competitions each year.
The NPD, HPM and head BMX coach in consultation with the ASC will identify the detail of the targeted results each year.
The benchmark competition each year will be the UCI World BMX Championships except in an Olympic year, where the Olympic Games become the primary benchmark event.
1.     To provide the best possible athlete development opportunities within a program structure to targeted elite BMX athletes. The primary aim to develop athletes with medal winning potential at a World Championships and Olympic Games level.
2.     Within the program budget, target a UCI sanctioned competition program with the aim to qualify Australia the maximum numbers in men’s and women’s divisions at the 2016 Olympic Games.
3.     To pursue and implement world's best practice in coaching, training techniques, sport science and athlete support services.
1.     To identify athletes through a clear selection process to qualify for the BMX HPP squad.
2.     To provide coaching and training opportunities to identified athletes on an individualised and group level. The head coach to determine the level of support and assistance for all members in consultation with supervising coaches and sports science personnel.
3.     To conduct training and pre-competition camps at both a domestic and international level which the goal of maximising athletic and personal development.
4.     To identify and utilise the highest quality sports science services, sports medicine support, and technology for the development of athletes.


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