Privacy Policy

BMX Australia (BMXA) is committed to the protection and privacy of members’ information.

BMXA requires the information it solicits in order to provide you with the membership services of BMXA. Any personal information provided will only be used in accordance with the objects and purposes of the BMXA, BMXA general business and to provide you with membership services. If the requested personal information is not provided you may not be able to receive the full benefits of membership of BMXA. BMXA will not disclose any personally identifiable information obtained from you to other parties for purposes other than those stated above without your written consent, except in circumstances where disclosure is required to prevent a threat to health or life or is authorised by law or reasonably necessary to enforce the law.

BMXA records members personal information on a national database protected by appropriate security protocols. The records of members who are accredited coaches or commissaires are also provided to the Australian Sports Commission for the purposes of administering these national accreditation schemes. Individuals will be able to access their personal information through BMXA upon reasonable notice.

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