Media Accreditation

Media attending designated BMX Australia run major events are required to apply for accreditation. Please note: If you are a freelancer you must provide a letter of commission from a recognised media outlet for your application to be considered.
All media who apply for accreditation are required to agree to the following waiver and conditions
If Accreditation is approved a green Media Bib will be issued by BMX Australia for the sole purpose of providing limited access to the designated holder ('the Holder') during events conducted by BMX Australia and promoters acting on behalf of BMX Australia. This media bib is for the applicant only, non-transferable and revocable at any time at BMX Australia's sole discretion. Unauthorised use or alteration of the media bib may result in the temporary or permanent removal of the media bib and the possessor's and/or the Holder's ejection from the event/premises.
The Holder assumes all risks incidental to his/her actions, assumes all risks incidental to his/her attending the Event, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless BMX Australia from any and all claims, damages, losses, costs and liabilities including, without limitation, personal injuries and/or property losses, caused by, resulting from or in connection with his/her presence at the Event. The Holder may not broadcast, publicise or make commercial use of any visual or audio media of any kind of the Event if it breaches any licensing contracts agreed to by BMX Australia.
The Holder irrevocably consents to the use by BMX Australia or any third party authorised by it, of photographs, films, tapes or any other visual or audio media of his/her name, likeness, image or voice in any manner whether authorised or not. The Holder also recognises that he/she must immediately report the theft, loss or unauthorised use of their Accreditation.
Acceptance of Accreditation and the media bib constitutes agreement by the Holder of the foregoing conditions.
Please list your details in an email to the BMX Communications Coordinator, Andrew Farrell, to apply for media accreditation for BMX Australia Events:
First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Media Outlet:
Role (i.e. Journalist, Photographer, Camera Operator etc):
Mobile Phone Number:
Address of Media Outlet:
Are you a freelancer?
(Please note: If you are a freelancer you are required to provide a letter of commission from a recognised media outlet for you application to be considered).
Send these details to:

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